Stacey Dash identified as white in Florida sheriff’s arrest report

Stacey Dash’s recent arrest for domestic violence not only revealed insight into her volatile relationship with her husband, but we now know how she racially identifies.

Stacey Dash released from jail after domestic dispute

Dash, a staunch Donald Trump supporter who lashes out at Black people on news shows, apparently doesn’t identify as Black, according to an online record at the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office.

The record indicates that the actress who played a Black girl, Dionne, in the film Clueless, considers herself white, even though she is of Bajan, Mexican, and Black heritage. She is also a cousin of Dame Dash, a Black man, who co-founded of Roc-A-Fella records.

Some Twitter users had a field day with the revelation.


“Did you all know that Stacey Dash classifies herself as WHITE?” Tariq Nasheed tweeted.

“Stacey comes from a Bajan, Mexican, Black background. Now you understand why I am always skeptical about these people with dual allegiances trying to speak for Foundational Black Americans.”

Clearly, Dash knows her Black card was revoked a long time ago.

“They will show her how white she is in court,” Lorieane Hollaway tweeted.

Stacey Dash cries broke, can’t afford lawyer in domestic assault case

Dash married conservative lawyer Jeffrey Marty and was arrested this week on charges of domestic violence. She filed legal documents asking for a public defender, saying she does not have enough money to hire a private lawyer, TMZ reports. But a judge wants proof that she’s as broke as she says, according to the celebrity news site. She faces a misdemeanor domestic battery charge.

The actress also claimed that she was set up by her husband and his three kids, a 15, 14 and 10-year-old, who lied to police and painted her as the abuser, the report says.

Stacey, please let us know if the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office made a mistake in listing your race as, ahem, white because we know.

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